Door Kickers 2 Task Force North is the sequel to Door Kickers scheduled to enter early access in 2017. Task Force North is set in the Middle East and puts the player in control of an elite military unit rather than a SWAT team in Nowhere City.

Gameplay ChangesEdit

A number of additions have been made in an effort to improve the game. Two new phases are being introduced to the game; insertion and extraction. Using darkness with night vision either through a night time operation or turning out lights adds a new dimension to gameplay. New weapons include frag grenades, RPGs and belt fed machine guns such as the M249. New classes will be introduced alongside the new weapons. Many new control methods are being added to the game to improve movement and tactics such as linking two troopers to move together and unlinking when commanded or peaking out from cover to shoot. Cooperative multiplayer is also being introduced which was a feature which Killhouse Games wanted to incorporate in the original Door Kickers.