Doctrine Tree

The Door Kickers Doctrine Tree as of Build 1.0.0

Doctrines are unlockable bonuses that can be purchased with doctrine points, and have a wide variety of effects. The Doctrine Tree is a skill tree whose effects apply to all troopers under the player's control. Doctrine Points are earned when the player increases their squad level through experience from missions, at a rate of one point per level.

There are three sets of doctrines within the tree itself: the Handgun Tree, the Long Gun Tree, and the Shotgun Tree. Each contains various upgrades for those three classes of firearms.

Handgun Tree Edit

Doctrines listed under the Handgun Tree include upgrades to aiming speed, accuracy, and weapon deployment speed. There are also doctrines which allow troopers to enact special firing patterns, such as the Mozambique doctrine. The Handgun Tree is the only tree available until the player reaches squad level 4, when the Assaulter class becomes available. Prior to that, the only firearms that troopers can use are handguns.

List of Handgun Doctrines:

Long Guns Tree Edit

Doctrines in the Long Guns Tree improve trooper performance when equipped with rifles and submachine guns. Available upgrades include increased accuracy at range and faster target acquisition, as well as special improvements like Barricade Shooting or the Transition doctrine. This tree is unlocked at squad level 4.

List of Long Guns Doctrines:

Shotguns Tree Edit

Doctrines listed in the Shotguns Tree convey bonuses to troopers utilizing shotguns during missions.This tree is unlocked when the player receives the Breacher class. The Shotguns Tree is the smallest of the three trees, containing rate of fire upgrades, increased reloading speed, and the ability to breach a locked door with a single shot.

List of Shotguns Doctrines:

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