A Hard Day's Work is the first campaign in Door Kickers and consists of six missions, one being optional. A Hard Day's Work has little narrative other than the theme of the game; it showcases a number of the different scenarios the game has in it.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"An ordinary day on the force - small but deadly jobs all across Nowhere City! Stick together, keep your wits up and get everyone home in one piece."



Mission Tree For A Hard Day's Work

  • Hostage Rescue, Missing Person Search; 2125 Milford Heights
  • Hostage Rescue, Hostage Situation; Electronics Store
  • Clear Hostiles, Gang Related Shootout; 71st Street Station
  • Dope Raid, Raid on Suspected Drug Lab; 115 Market Drive
  • Arrest Warrant, Drug Dealer Arrest; the Alexander House (Optional)
  • Hostage Rescue, Hostage Situation; Preston General Hospital